Why the “Great Recession” is Better than Great

Greetings Friends,

i once had a vision when i sat in meditation:

Now, when you look at this drawing you may think it’s scary—but it’s quite marvelous, actually. The whale in the foreground is beaching itself, coming right up onto the sandy beach to TELL ME SOMETHING. Yet I am running away from it, don’t even see the rest of its pod in the background. Why? Why do I run away.

Because at first glance even I was scared. Who ever heard of a huge Right Whale coming to “tell us something” (unless you’re a Trekkie and happened to see “that movie”). But after this vision came to me I quickly drew it, as a three-second sketch, and put it in front of me to think about, ponder, and ask IT what it meant. Slowly, surely, it dawned on me. The whale was coming to ask me to help it, help the ocean, help all of us living creatures, in fact, who share this beautiful globe we live upon. Only when i fully understood the “message” behind this vision (no, i don’t have them all that often, in case you’re wondering if i’m a psychic or something! i’m no more psychic than all of us are) only then, after several years of contemplating what this image could possibly mean, did i work up my quickie sketch into this more rendered drawing. And one day i hope to make it into a colorful painting.

The message is simple: The whales are saying, collectively: HELP US!

The whales are saying to me, and I am repeating to you, and you, and you: WAKE UP!

Now that we’ve seen the diasterous results of humanfolly in the Gulf with the ever-expanding effects of the oil spill reaching all corners of the globe (as water tends to go everywhere, and we ARE a watery world, folks, this planet mis-named: we live on Planet WATER not Earth…seeing as there is double, maybe triple the square miles of water than terra firma covering our home world, this revolving ball in space) — NOW is the time to take action and help the whales, help the oceans, and help ourselves.

HOW? these are my suggestions. This is what I try to do, and keep trying in any way i can.

1) Be AWARE of the problem ( problems: over-importance of materialism, lack of Spiritual awareness, profusion of ecological dummery and environmental selfishness by commerce and individuals alike, wars of superiority and racism (terrorism) fought in the various names of God between religions and other sections of humanity instead of creating ONENESS. These are just a few of our current global challenges that, when addressed, when held in our awareness, WILL CHANGE our world to a better place just by our not being in collective-denial about them.)

2) By ACCEPTING there is a problem, truly, in your deepest heart—that our world is out of balance. Some even call it SICK, toxic, global warming disasterous, etc!! Keeping the truth of our worldwide plight in the forefront of our minds (Acceptance) will allow for a dialogue to take place, a necessary step to remedying our planetary ill health. WORDS are powerful tools. LANGUAGE is a source of great power, both political, social, and most especially–SPIRITUAL recovery begins with awareness and acceptance of the negative issue at hand, whatever it might be (use this method for your own personal challenges!).

3) Take ACTION.


What kind of action? Here’s what I do to help our world, seeing as I can’t run to the Gulf of Mexico and scoop up the oil myself. You can do other things, but try to do something, even if it’s just being conscious of your THOUGHTS.

1) think positive thoughts: heal the world with your mind’s intention (all people everywhere doing this WILL make a difference. thoughts are nothing less than SEEDS of actions)

2) pray: direct your thoughts to the invisible, unknown essence that connects us all: consciousness. We are all intertwined. Believe me. (I know because I experience it!) The Ancient Ones knew this. This is the subject of much of my art and writing. Modern humankind has mostly forgotten this ancient maxim of human existence. I’m not talking about any “God” or “religion”. No, the interconnectedness I mean is the phenomenon that’s been proven over and over (science is now studying it) how all people everywhere are connected, like the cells within your own body—knees cells, brain cells, ear cells, too!—are all connected and share an “intelligence” with one another, with no other means of communication other than mere beingness. By asking each of you “to pray” ….I’m suggesting people everywhere on this globe put their focused mental efforts to good use. Instead of wasting powerful mental energy being mad, scared, confused, taking to the streets and protesting, getting thrown in jail for blowing up the ….well, you get the point. Or feeling painfully impotent—be POSITIVE, and focus your thoughts to finding a useful solution for all our world problems.

3) form groups in your community, to discuss, and perhaps implement change, even if it’s just to take tiny baby steps, but with OTHERS. By sharing, talking, raising issues, engaging in human communication—THIS is how change occurs. NOT by keeping these challenges secreted away in your heart. Don’t let life’s frustrations develop into neurotic mind-monsters that will steal your personal peace of mind, turn you into a bitter and broken person, and ruin our earliest chances of coming up with worldwide solutions to how, exactly, we’re going to effect a major change and turn our toxic world back into the Garden Paradise Earth was, and is still, in many places.

4) dance when you can, laugh as much as possible, love others as if they are your own Self (which they are, truly), and NEVER EVER give up HOPE.

in the Light, lordflea

ps. Oh, and what has this got to do with the Recession, you ask? Well, I didn’t quite get around to that…stay tuned to the next exciting installment of Lordflea Singing the Song of Oneness

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