A Great Idea!

hi friends, first of all, in honor of my new Skype spanish tutor from San Jose, Costa Rica, whose internet name is “gringuita” I am putting up something that i blogged about many many moons ago, but she found so interesting that she requested it. so here goes! Some of you who read Lordflea know that I’m big time into xeroscape, in which grassy lawns are removed and nice artistic plantings are created instead. Well, when I moved to our new home …. this is what we had to start with:

lawn and only lawn---everywhere!

lawn and only lawn---everywhere!

so…much to my neighbors’ amazement, i set out to KILL the LAWN (okay okay I used chemicals, I admit….but you have to get kid of the root system so isn’t that a good use of otherwise “bad” things our modern world created? I think so!). And then I designed a native grasses, timber bamboo, exotic tree-fern, giant Floridian elephant-ear jungle, in which my consort Carter and I thrive happily to this very day. Here’s what the new xeroscape looked like after just ONE YEAR’s growth! I kid you not!

a temple of nature---everywhere!

a temple of nature---everywhere!

Now, a second topic …. i have good news! thanks to my friend pam, the wondrous sculptor and artist of magical beings her own Self….

made by Pam, NOT pam

made by Pam, NOT pam

this is Pam the gentle soul yogini artist wife-mother-daughter-friend healer and healed and healing-to-others ….

Pam the GREAT

Pam the GREAT

anyway …. Pam just finished reading my novel and she suggested i create a separate blog and bring the book to all of YOU with daily (or … knowing me, more like weekly) excerpts. So I am …. already have! I am working on the “look” of the blog, but soon, very soon, you will be able to start reading Dharma Brat, and find out for yourself the skinny about Lordflea. I’ll announce here on Lordflea when Dharma Brat the Book is ready to be visited. Complete with illustrations of course.

She says I should Twitter, but good heavens! i ain’t got time for that shit! i barely get my bed made some days har har.

have a good ‘un today, my friends in spirit and laughter. Remember to keep breathing!

in Love and Light, lordflea

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