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hi friend,

i don’t know about you guys but my life is so darn full i can barely get to my blog and share, even though a million things are running through my head that i want to write, draw, talk about. As you know i discuss this “over-active” tendency quite a bit here….seeing as my life leans that way….today i’m going to talk about how i make a choice, and evaluate which way to turn my energy.

the step-by-step process of choice

the step-by-step process of choice

throughout my day i’m inundated, as you are, by news flashes, celebrations of bill-passage, natural disaster alerts, friends needing to talk, discoveries i’ve made from listening to others, reading something that rocks my boat, both in good ways and sometimes nerve-wrackingly anxiously ways as well. What do I do about all these events …. influences, surely …. but in the end, really, just “life” happenings. Things happens. Sometimes huge sometimes minute, sometimes seemingly inconsequential. But if there’s one thing i’ve learned in life it’s that the only constancy in life is CHANGE … and, for those of us who feel the “magic” of life, the only other consistent thing i believe in is that there is a magnificent consciousness in this cosmic playground we all share, which keeps things rolling along, ever forward, upwardly evolving–whether we humans try to mess it up by our sloppy unconsciousness, or not.

here’s how i depict it, with an image. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you….Higher Mind….that which we who meditate plug into each and every time we shut off our “thinking” individual, ego-ruled, get-through-the-day human minds and allow ourselves to reach the unnameable Source from which we all came, and to which we all will return, one day (hopefully not today!). 

Lapis Sky

Lapis Sky

the “key” to interpreting this image, and understanding its significance (at least to me, the artist) is to very carefully scrutinize the underlying form beneath ALL the others. There is something there! What is it? Can you see it? Ever so faintly, superimposed upon the entire night sky (space…the cosmos) is an image of a form, a substance, an almost imperceptible “thing.” In respect to our humanness, as any Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Buddhist can attest, I have presented “IT” in a human form, so we can relate to its form, thereby allowing us to better connect to the majesty, the otherwise totally indescrible magnificence of this pure consciousness that early scriptures (the Vedas) mention, because even back then….people were trying to figure out the reason for all of what happens in life. Look carefully at Lapis Sky once again. do you see the figure of a “Blue Person” standing top to bottom, with the swirling spiral at their navel? Good. Well, shake hands with God, folks.

Now….the “real humans,” the person who lays at the bottom, asleep, dreaming, and his “dream,” the man and the woman, who are obviously all connected by energy—they depict “the world” as we know it. This image is about how we’re all connected. Absolutely, beyond a doubt—I have proof! (stay tuned to lordflea and you’ll find out!)—that we are All One in this “dream of life.” We are reaching out to each other all the time, as the players in my little drama demonstrate. Sometimes we make connections and “feel” the overpowering magnitude of life’s power….othertimes we’re just confused by endless ambiguities, wars, conflicts, and yes, even political oppression and shams and environmental atrocities that lay our hearts on the floor and stomp them till their sick and tired of all this confusion in the world.

But—that’s not the truth of what’s happening. The so-called “bad” stuff is just the reverse, the polarity of the so-called “good” stuff, just as the beauty of a pristine beach is ripped to shreds by its polar opposite: a tsunami. Nature shows us the cycles of “good and bad” as She leads the way for us to grasp the need to always be mindful of balance.

here’s another view of my Big IT …. the primordial consciousness that permeates the Universe, which even Einstein was hip to (read his comments about Cosmic Consciousness, hmmmmmm):

We are all connected, all One

We are all connected, all One

Ahhhhhhh, so how to tap this infinitely available power, the Big IT? By practicing viveka (a sanskrit term), meaning discrimination — and determining what’s best for each and every circumstance, leading to a wise choice that will help to keep things in balance. You can see this is true for anything: whether we talk of how Nature works, the political ferment of the world we live in, how the natural cycles of our world’s environmental is constantly shifting and going through its own changes, or how balance (or imbalance) either brings happiness or misery to our own personal lives. Being aware of balance, and making decisions based upon how best to keep things in balance: this is the “ideal” we all strive for. Here’s my depiction of keeping things in balance, which in yogic terms is called “equipoise,” and, by the way, is best achieved by doing lots of quiet contemplation, meditation and hatha yoga, in which you create a inner tranquility that’s led by the breath—the gateway to our subconsious connection with Higher Power.

holding the balance in our hands

holding the balance in our hands

just as this delightful sea creature holds the moon perfecting hovering over the sea’s horizon — a quite phenomenal, and impossible feat!— we too are capable of, metaphorically speaking, holding the beauty (or potential disaster) of keeping things balanced in our hands, with our personal choices.

Every decision counts. Every act adds up. Every thought is a “seed” that either manifests as a positive or a negative, so — start by watching your thoughts, and catching yourself when you think negatively. There’s always Hope!

there's always hope

there's always hope

so….i’m in the process of finding a publisher for my book (okay, i admit it, it’s a memoir! i haven’t been able to honestly say that before, it all sounds so egoist, y’know?) and completing a nonfiction proposal on a great new spiritual guide for overeaters. Why overeating, you ask? when there’s so many other causes or insights i could concentrate on? Believe it or not! the world needs help in that regard (look around….see the visible signs of spiritual starvation manifested in people’s widening girths?). Many, too many people in “civilized” countries are eating themselves into oblivion, even as the rest of the world starves. What irony! …. what a cosmic joke! A very bad cosmic joke. Thank you all, my readers, for being patient with me as i slave away writing for publication. I WANT to blog so much, i have so much i want to share….but i have to balance my time. Time is all we have. “T.his I. M.ust E.arn” is an acronym someone taught me about Time, and i hated it when i first heard it. but it’s true. If you want something, whether a relationship, a career, or to learn a new language, you have to work for what you want.

Oh, and did I mention i’ve been taking Skype Spanish classes LIVE from Buenos Aires with a tutor??? Her name is Milagros (miracles) and yes, i think she is performing them—with me!

One Life---each of ours, amounting to the total of all our decisions

One Life---each of ours, amounting to the total of all our decisions

in Light and Love, your lordflea singing with cha!

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  1. BOSSY says:

    Holy smokes, wow. And, like, yeah. Also, um, how ’bout that American Idol? (Bossy may need more coffee before properly addressing all of the points you bring up.)


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