Staying in the Light

hi friends…

i sent this painting to a friend this morning via e-mail:

we are all the LIGHT

we are all the LIGHT

and thought i’d take a minute to talk about it, seeing as she wrote back wow! see, this painting i did when i was first embarking on my journey into what i call “the Light.” What is the Light? Well, to me that is a way of speaking about a higher perspective in life, a higher vantage point from which to view all of what occurs in this here spinning globe’s daily machinations….the global, universal, cosmic serial soap opera some call … “reality.”

But to me, who was once a familiar guest on the dark side …. i definitely prefer to see life as being about choices, and believe me, just as someone has said “i’ve been rich and i’ve been poor, and believe me, i’d rather be rich,” so too i can say, “i’ve resided in the Dark and i’ve learned to embrace the Light, and believe you me …. it’s way more fun here on the side of the Light.”

How do we get to reside in the Light?

practicing choices

practicing choices

and it is just that … practice. with each new choice, we have the opportunity to discern what’s going on, to “think out” the results of our choice, and to make either a response or …. to merely react. Believe me, it took me years and years of choices, bad choices, mid-okay, barely decent choices, kinda feebly good choices—until finally, one day i learned to get quiet, go inside my own inner Self (meditation) and …. ask my Higher Self what to do. Yep, that’s right. I’d consult with the interior manager of my life …. my own inner self.

I like to paint these weird things i think about. in case any of you who are new to lordflea are wondering about this strange art. here’s another way i depict how to tap that inner state we all have….if we only follow our breath, get quiet, and …. go within. choose to try it today. and maybe tomorrow, also.

noname, the inner guide

noname, the inner guide

here’s simple instructions to tap your “Inner Self”:

find a quiet place, shut off cell, phone, TV, etc.

make your body comfortable. use pillows. try to sit up, close your eyes

listen to the sound of your breath coming in, and leaving you

notice how you can make the in and out breath the same, in volume and length

follow your breathing for a while….notice how your thoughts stop

notice …. how your breath fills your attention

your breath is the gateway to you Higher Self, follow it

if you get distracted by a thought, just pretend it’s a cloud passing through the “blue sky” of your mind’s wide-openness….and watch the thought pass

keep following your breath

when you feel still, inside and out …. you may just sit and observe

… or, you may ask your Inner Guide a question.

be sure to not “think” the answer yourself. Just ask. Follow the breath. Wait for a response from … the Light.

This exercise may take practice. Don’t give up! Developin your “psychic muscles” is just like developing any other muscle: you don’t go to the gym just once and deserve awesome abs, now do you? So….if you want to “live in the Light,” please just practice going within. Inside your own being you will discover the entire Universe. You may even find out that that is where heaven truly resides.

mud people arising, one by one

mud people arising, one by one

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