divertido en paradaiso–having fun in paradise!

hola mis amigos,

my consort carter and i are on our way to the capitol of costa rica, to join our yoga friends for an evening of chanting and meditation, our favorite pasttime no matter where we are. whether in the city or the idyllic jungles of central america, nothing makes us happier than to chant the many names of the One, and to tune into our abundant energy cells, manifested by other people, nature, and our own attitudes.

this country of smiling hearts and sweet tropical fruits is surely a grand display of ¨pura vida¨—the pure life. Here one can still greet a stranger without feeling suspicious of their intentions. Here, a howler monkey can come right up to our rooftop and send their primitive greeting to the strange two-leggeds who have intruded into THEIR territory. Carter and I love to climb the vertical hillsides, spend time talking with the poetic souls of these gentle Tico people, share with other travelers we meet along the way, and plan our next contribution to humankind´s endless endeavors.

when i return to my desk i´ll share pictures and stories of people places and events that have happened these last few weeks while away. till then, rest in the awareness that we are One, that we share an interconnectedness that is real, and proven in so many visible, and invisible ways.

in the Light, lordflea

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