our Mother, the Sea …. holding her sailing children tenderly in the palm of her gentle hand

Ladies la Mer, mixed media on paper, 13“x10”

One thought on “100

  1. william nyc says:

    Welcome home,sailor….Hope Mom’s feeling better! The three works are beautiful; especially exquisite-‘the sea as goddess'(must be fully enlarged to appreciate the gorgeous coloring….I get something uterine about it). Unfortunately, the largest I can bring up ‘our Mother, the Sea’ and ‘Oneness’ is about 2″X2.5″ each. ‘…Mother…’ seems to hold so much detail that can’t be made out(i’m reminded of the ‘Sea-as-Woman’ in ‘Ponyo’, a totally BEAUTIFUL recent animated children’s movie that I’ve recommended to a number of adults)(I think you’d love the art). ‘Oneness’ reminds me of something I read about an ancient Egyptian painting depicting the sun with each of its rays terminating in a hand(as well as our friend Jung again….that’s oneness for ya!) Fingers crossed on the book(D.B.) in the SPIRIT of the LIGHT, illbay


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