the writing is almost complete!

days whizz by with me fine-tuning, trimming the fat from the bacon of wordsmithing. soon my book, whether novel or memoir, will be ready to find a publisher. Prioritizing the many things I must do: life, work, eat well, do yoga, meditate, hang with friends, camp out on Cumberland Island, read other inspiring writers—doing what St. Francis of Assisi puts so well:

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. 

what to do what to do---choose Well, choose Wisely

what to do what to do---choose Well, choose Wisely

a recent article on the huffington post states that modern women are less happy, while modern men are more so. Studies show that as women have gained rights and equality, they haven’t shaken the burden of domestic responsibility they’d carried for their families from before—consequently their lives are doubly stressed than before the women’s liberation movement; whereas men  are feeling much better, thank you very much, their happiness levels have increased, the study reports, because their lives have become less burdened, because they don’t feel responsible for exclusively being the one to “take care” of the women and kids as they had before.

hmmmmm. think we can get these women to lighten up a little? Stop doing so much! Just relax. Relegate some household chores to the menfolk, or get a cleaner, a helper …. or …. learn to breathe and let go, do some meditative relaxation techniques. C’mon ladies! let’s not let the centuries-of-waiting for the opening of equal opportunity get cha down! Learn to fly, just stop worrying! and don’t let the men have all the fun!

pick the fruits of your good efforts---just reach for IT

pick the fruits of your good efforts---just reach for IT

in the Light, lordflea

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