a desire to change

hi friends,

in the "I" of the self-made storm of earthly life

in the "I" of the self-made storm of earthly life

today i’m asking myself how can i better myself, and in that act, help to better the world?  I decided it’s time for ME to make a change! so i have on a WHITE bracelet someone gave me, that actually signifies how the Cuban people desire change. On one side it says “CHANGE” on the other “CAMBIO” which is Spanish for change.

white being the sign of surrender. when I look at my wrist I see the “white” as i would fly a flag of surrender in the battlefield of righting wrongs. In every surrender is a victory — and the one who flies the flag, gives up battling the negative inclinations we all have to face ( in the realm of self-improvement and spiritual growth at least) — that person flying the white flag is the VICTOR!

surrender being a good way to start when one thinks about how best to become a better person.

what do i want to surrender to?

well, i’ve already conquered a lot of my demons . . . been working over two decades on my weakness for addictions.  Pretty good handle on that, thanks to the rooms of AA and a dedication to embracing serenity through self-examination. Also, blessed with pretty good friends who keep me “in check” when things are going either well or .  . . well, you know, not so hot sometimes. when you need your friends to “mirror” the feeling of your inner truth.

so today i’m thinking of the change i need to . . . be more authentic. Be even more ME. Be more in touch with the Truth of who and what I am.

here’s a drawing on that thought:

i hear them calling!

i hear them calling!

to be truly me i have to pay attention to the distress calls i hear from other beings i share this gorgeous garden planet with.  Not only the animals that need help, and our environment, but my fellow humans who are still in anguish over their situation. Some people just don’t GET IT that we’re all spiritual beings having a human experience here.

today i can surrender to my calling. I hear the pain of others so loudly!

today i renew my commitment to be the spiritual warrior i’ve always felt myself to be.  Today i buckle up my armour of love . . . and re-dedicate myself, and this blog, and all my work, my writings, my energies . . . to becoming more pro-active about helping others, in whatever way, however small, however great — but i am changing by willing myself to connect MORE to our world.

Together, we CAN make a difference

Together, we CAN make a difference

the world needs all the positive energy we can get. LOTS of people, lots of creatures are stranded and dying: lots of situations need “help.” Won’t you join me with your thoughts, sent out purposefully to help create more harmonious interactions in our world. Take a moment right now. Close your eyes. Think of sending Light-filled Love to all situations, all creatures, all people who need your help. Join the Army of Love. Call our ammunition prayer if you like, or call it “focused intention” . . .  it doesn’t matter what word you use to describe this act of helping others — just do it! Together, we are all the FORCE of change. Cambio mis amigos!

our energies joined as ONE -- to effect change on Earth

our energies joined as ONE -- to effect change on Earth

singing the song of Oneness, with you—-Ommmmmmmm, Lordflea sending love to all

lieutenant lordflea in the Army of Love

lieutenant lordflea in the Army of Love

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