will WONDERS never cease ? !

while driving through the busiest square of downtown Santiago, Chile recently, i saw something quite extraordinary. i didn’t have my camera ready when we whizzed by, in a taxi, and almost missed the sight, had it not been for our friend, Angel, an actor, to say, “Wow, look at that!” and point, so i turned just in time to see . . . at the lovely fountain that ordinarily looks like this, on any other given moment in the day . . .

Neptune and Aphrodite, Santiago, Chile public art fountain

Neptune and Aphrodite, Santiago, Chile public art fountain

. . . but as we rushed by in a high-speed cab, i promised myself i would HAVE to draw this scene, which i couldn’t capture with my camera (ah, the delight of being a good, however primitive, draw-er, all those hours at my desk with pen in hand paying off finally, never interested in that conceptual crap some other artists do) . . . here’s the moment of moments I just HAD to record, for my sake, for the sake of WORLD EVOLUTION, the ah-ha! moment of moments of our recent trip to South America . . . the surreal fountain scene i didn’t get on camera as our taxi whooshed by :

an ah-ha! moment, for sure!

an ah-ha! moment, for sure!

friend, may the sights you see, and the feelings you choose to center on today, be just as wondrous as this naked old man’s taking a bath in this public sculpture-fountain, his clothes neatly folded next to him, ignoring all the commotion around him in this busy, i mean BUSIEST street corner of bustling downtown Santiago, Chile.  talk about ah-ha, ha ha! NOT something we’d see in America without police sirens going off instantaneously, and people scowling, instead of the Chileanos smiling, laughing maybe, but leaving the poor man be in peace, to bathe. I think we should petition for MORE NUDE BATHING . . . it will help all of us to get to know each other better, and rid us of ostentatious cultural disparities, BIG TIME!!! what do you think ’bout that, you Taliban creeps? HA!

stay tuned for more lordflea spiritual art!

in the Light, your pal who sings a song of ONENESS

notebook drawings 09 015

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