dreams and inner visions call to us

in a meditation i recently had this vivid image, and no, it wasn’t a dream…but when you get a clear “picture” such as this in deep meditation, it is like a dream coming forth from one’s subconscious.

they are coming to tell us ...

they are coming to tell us ...

when this image appeared i was shocked. i thought, “how horrible!” but then i decided to sit and contemplate what it could possibly mean, the way i often do when i have an profound, message-relaying type of dream.

the more i thought about this image, the more i realized it is Nature reaching out, in the form of her most powerful beasts on earth, the whales, telling us–we humans–that we must pay more attention to the plight of all creatures who live on this great watery planet, called Earth.

think about it. if you saw an entire pod of huge right whales all streaming toward shore, where you happened to be standing…wouldn’t you wonder? wouldn’t you wonder why? wouldn’t you think they were doing this for a specific purpose, and it wasn’t just a freak “accident.”

so…whenever i have a powerful image appear, either in a dream or a meditation, i always ponder what the message could be. of course the origin of the message is from my own inner self…but then, isn’t that where all our wisdom originates?

Our job is to listen to the inner wisdom. and to do that, we have to get quiet. that’s why i talk so much, here in lordflea sings, about the importance of following your breath. watch it flow in and fill you with radiance…and then watch it slowly leave you, taking negativities out with its release, and then…bringing in, with each new breath, new energy, new ideas, new peace! watch the breath as it comes and goes, and…this is meditation. sometimes the inner landscape is very peaceful, with no “image.” sometimes my meditations “feel” like this…with an expansiveness that is indescribable. similar to how one feels when you look up at a clear night sky and see the entire cosmos before you…but the same can happen right within your own being, in meditation. this is the stillness of focusing on one thought: meditate on your breath.

the inner regions, a meditation experience

the inner regions, a meditation experience

in the Light, lordflea

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