We’re all RICH!

if you just think for a moment–that we’re alive!, breathing, feeling the wind on our faces–we’re rich beyond our wildest imaginations. to have life, to still be breathing and able to “play” this game of life–we are indeed fortunate, and rich rich rich.

Breathe, and walk in peace even in turmoil

Breathe, and walk in peace even in turmoil

a lot of people are freaking out these days. job loss, economics, global warming, the Middle East threat–all of it a bit much for some. each day you hear on the news some other catastrophe, how people are struggling, how even our world, the Earth itself, struggles.

global warming in Glacier Park

global warming in Glacier Park

these are challenging times, for sure. these are times that, if met with belief that they happen for a bigger purpose than we’ll ever be able to figure out–we will all end up in a better place as a result of having gone through them–together.

i’ve lost a lot lately. people, friends, even a dog. other people’s losses affect me deeply. my own are nothing in comparison. grief is something we all must go through. it’s part of being human, being able to love.

binky person, my hopi friend, calls me from his butte out in arizona and we laugh together, at how people who are so uncomfortable when they lose what they are used to. the hopis have nothing, never have had anything, and those that don’t want much are okay with that–that’s their life. it’s only those who want more (from watching television mostly) that are unhappy. of course the entire Native American situation is pretty dreadful still. alcoholism is rampant among all the indigenous of our beloved country. i’m certainly not saying it’s good to have nothing. what i’m saying is that if we lose something, anything, there is an opportunity of growing spiritually, of becoming more complete, more content with life, if we allow the pain of loss to ripple through us–and leave us, too, in its due time. when pain gets stuck in the human heart, that’s when addiction takes over. i talk a lot of addiction on lordflea, if you’re interested to find out more.

today i’m sending an encouraging message of staying positive even in face of great loss, to those out there who have found lordflea. and to all who benefit from our being positive, even if the negative-thinkers don’t practice being grateful for their loss, they too will in time become awakened to the gift of being alive. no matter what is happening in your life–focus on the positive! all negatives come and go, come and go, but the positive force of being alive is the most basic, most sustainable, most important gift of all. Breathe. Enjoy the Light of Being. Focus on being in the moment–and all will be well, with your participating in making it better one day at a time–or not.

breathe, and enjoy being in the waterfall of life

breathe, and enjoy being in the waterfall of life

in the Light, lordflea

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