another view of cuba

senor don in habana

senor don in habana


friend don chiofaro has written a requested op-ed for the Boston Herald, coming out soon, which we’ll publish here at lordflea when his views hit the newsstand. thanks Don, i agree whole-heartedly, that it’s time for a change. the U.S. embargo, after fifty years, has done nothing but hurt the cuban people, and done nothing to stop the revolutionary government, except to force them to rush into the arms of … well, more later from don himself.
we had a great time in habana, didn’t we, senor?

 coming soon!


                                        by Don Chiofaro

and here’s lordflea’s consort lighting up what is not allowed to be brought back to U.S. territory–ye old cuban cigar!

january 2008 in habana

january 2009 in habana--things are not what they appear to be




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